Escalator Parts

Elator is an escalator parts specialist with a wide selection of in-stock parts for many different makes and models. We source high-quality replacement parts from leading global manufacturers. We stock them, we price them competitively, and we support what we sell.

  • Elator offers a wide range of replacement rollers for most escalator steps, step chains and newel ends. Also available, handrail guide / support rollers, and drive wheels for multi-roller linear drive handrail systems. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • MotionGuard (MG3) is Elator's patented, flexible one-piece skirt brush. In service since 2002, it is the only product of its kind on the market, and can be found installed on thousands of escalators throughout North & Latin America. Easy To Order / Quick To Install. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Elator uses its global network of sourcing contacts to find high-quality, performance tested steps and related parts at competitive prices. We carry many different steps and replacement parts in stock and specialize in sourcing hard to find steps, pallets and demarcation inserts. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Not all step chains are created equal. Using our network of supply partners we source step chain products that satisfy the demands and preferences of our customers. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • We carry a large inventory of comb plates in many different shapes, styles, materials and colours. Elator can also source and supply landing plates for all different makes and models. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Newel end track & roller chains, replacement rollers, guide clips, handrail guide and related hardware. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Elator now offers handrail solutions with alternative source and support options. Call us to discuss your project needs. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Illuminated / LED directional indicators, fault code displays, switches and sensors. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • For escalator main and handrail drive systems, we stock durable power transmission chains and belts. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Matching inner decking items, decorative panels, access covers, extrusion profile, trim and related hardware. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Escalator brake replacement items, motors, coils and solenoids. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Safety, demarcation, accent escalator lighting for pits, under-step, skirt, and balustrades. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Replacement main drive components; motors, transmissions, etc. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Linear drive modules, large diameter drive sheaves, traction and pressure belts, tension and support fixtures. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Replacement sprockets, pulleys and gears for escalator main drive, step chain and handrail drive. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • A selection of tools and other accessories that make repair and service work easier, safer and/or more efficient. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Lubricants, cleaners, temporary floor protection, etc. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Fasteners, assorted clips, screws, nuts, etc. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS